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The topics of the Congress are the following

Common topics accepted:

  • Sport and Discriminations
  • Sport and Gender
  • Sport and Power Relations
  • Sport and Violence
  • Sport and Media
  • Sport and Ethics
  • Sport and Health
  • Sport and Volunteering
  • Sport Policies
  • Sport and Governance
  • Sport Spectatorship and Fandom
  • Sport and Doping
  • School Sport and Physical Education
  • Sport and New Technologies
  • Sport and vulnerable groups. 
  • Sociology of Sport and Methodology
  • Sport and Sexuality
  • Sport and Social Classes
  • Sport Business and Management
  • Youth Sport
  • E-Sports
  • Sport and Mega-Events
  • Sport and Identities
  • MEAUSURE for sport participation research
  • SORN for sport organisation research
  • POLIS for sport policy and politics
  • Sport Event Studies (SES) 
  • Others.

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